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Project Description
A simple application demonstrates all of the critical functions of a Direct-to-Clinical HealthVault app.

Sample Application scenario: A clinical organization wants to be able to give patients take-home blood pressure devices and then be able to access the readings taken by those devices. This application will allow them to download that information and create XML files that can be imported into other applications.
Specifically this app demonstrates the following features:
  1. Generate tokens and secret question/answer pairs to give to study participants so that they can authorize the application to access their blood pressure data in HealthVault.
  2. Retrieve from HealthVault the list of study participants that have used their tokens to authorize the application.
  3. Download data in XML for selected users for selected date ranges.
  4. View, print, and save downloaded data.
This application includes the following components:
  1. A readme file to help people get started
  2. A C# DLL that accesses HealthVault and provides functions for getting blood pressure data and generating application tokens and secret question/answer pairs for adding new users
  3. VB.Net and C# sample forms applications

This HealthVault sample application was developed for Microsoft by Get Real Consulting

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